Quotation marks

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Quotes include a dot, an exclamation mark, a question mark, a comma, a semicolon, a dash, three dots, brackets, a colon, and a slash in a group of punctuation marks.

From the grammatical point of view they fulfill the quotation marks. earmarking feature. A dot, comma, hyphen, colon, and parentheses also perform such a function in the sentence.

  • When to use quotes?
  • Direct Speech
  • The quotes are written at the beginning and end of the direct speech, or at the beginning and end of each straight speech section separated by the introductory phrase. E.g. “And whether it must be?” One said. “Must.”

Literal quotes

Quotes are used at the beginning and end of literal quotes. E.g. The book says: “The wolf lives in abandoned silent regions and wilderness.”

Expressions specific to an environment or people

Quotes are also used when referring to terms specific to an environment or people. E.g. The parents brought him “fairy”.

Distancing oneself from expressions

If we want to mention the terms from which the speaker is distancing, using them with irony or in any other sense than they are usually used, we can use these quotation marks.

E.g. It is legitimate to ask whether this “new approach” is really new.

For terms rated as incorrect

In this case, it is mainly linguistic work, in particular when referring to terms evaluated as incorrect or inappropriate. E.g. “Mestohrdina” – heroic city; tissue, not tissue, tissue.

When not to use quotes?
We often encounter situations where quotes are marked with quotes. However, according to the rules of the orthography, the titles of books, magazines, works of art and p. we usually write without quotes. If necessary (eg if the title is long and it is not clear where it ends), quotes can be used.

How to write quotes correctly?

Quotes are always used in pairs, they have the right and left sides. Unlike punctuation, dot, exclamation, question mark, comma, semicolon, three dots, colon, which is written immediately after a word without a blank, the quotes are written without a space, not just the expression that is placed between these punctuation marks, but even before him.

How to type quotes on the keyboard?

In English texts, the correct quotes should be typographically correct so that the initials are bottom and end up. However, the correct quotes for the English typography are not left on the keyboard – they can be generated by sophisticated text editors if the language and other settings are set correctly.

In this case, after entering the combination, the quotation marks are generated correctly as lower at the beginning and upper at the end. Such quotes can also be generated by combining for the start and for quotes.

Incorrect display of both quotation marks as a rule occurs when another language, such as English, is set.

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